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Tab Stack is a tab management tool designed to save you from tab overload. Tab Stack closes tabs you haven’t used in a while and allows you to quickly search for and (re)open any tab.

– Set a time limit and Tab Stack will close any tab that’s been open too long
– Quickly search both open and closed tabs
– Keyboard-centric design makes it quick and easy to manage tabs
— Open the tab search with a keyboard shortcut
— Press tab to access search filter
— Lock any tab to prevent it closing, any time, via keyboard shortcut
– Clean, detailed interface makes it easy to keep track of your tabs
– Exemptions for pinned tabs and tabs playing audio
– Badge icons and notifications let you know when a tab is locked
– Highly configurable; light and dark themes!

Coming next
– Set rules to auto-lock tabs based on URL or tab title
– Bug fix: Selecting multiple tab search results (with shift or ctrl/cmd) and pressing the lock shortcut currently appears to lock but does not work. Recommended to only lock one tab at a time via the lock icon or lock shortcut


Version 1.02

– Bug fix: Occasional NaN error in timers

– Bug fix: ‘Maximum number of closed tabs to store’ setting now works

– Bug fix: If user sets time setting to 0m0s, validation will now set seconds to 59 before saving setting, instead of after

– Bug fix: search does not attempt to scroll-into-view of there a re no visible results

– Bug fix: Spaces can now be used in search term


Version 0.5

– Settings activated

– Status icon added to search footer

– Search window resizable

– Active tabs moved to top of search results

– Interface streamlined

– Auto-locking feature removed (nor now)

– In-search shortcuts removed (for now)

– Prevent duplicated closed tabs option removed (for now)

– Filter by ‘closed by tab stack’ removed (for now)

Version 0.4

– Tabs close automatically after 15 minutes unless: locked, pinned, playing audio or active

– Timer resets when a tab becomes active

– ‘Grouping’ functions ditched

– Closed tabs now say when they were closed

– Settings revamped

Version 0.3

– Bug fix: closed tabs now re-open in original window if it is still open, or in current tab if original window closed (the latter was causing an error)

– Saved closed tabs persist when windows are closed

– Right clicking on the ts extension icon now has an Options link

– Recently closed tabs now visible in search popup and can be resurrected by clicking the search result

– Closed tabs viewable in expanded view, with similar functionality to search popup

Version 0.2

– Fixed bug: clicking results for tabs in other windows now goes to the correct window

– Tags displayed on result rows for tabs in other windows (‘_Window’) and stacked (closed) tabs (‘Stacked’)

– Important processes moved from the popup script to the background script, allowing the extension to keep track of tabs when the popup is closed. Essential for monitoring closed tabs and time tabs have been open.

– ‘Group by’ rules option and new-rule interface added, with ability to add new rule. (Rules themselves are not functional)

Version 0.1

– ‘Search’ can be activated either by clicking the ‘ts’ extension icon, or with the keyboard shortcut ‘ctrl + shift + s’ (Windows) or ‘command + shift + s’ (Mac)

– ‘Search’ produces a list of currently opened tabs, which can be scrolled with the up and down keys. Type to filter the list by search term.

– Active tabs highlighted as ‘Active’ in search.

– Press ‘tab’ in search to go to search filter. Exiting will return focus to the search bar.

– Clicking on a search result will take the user to the corresponding tab

– Clicking ‘x’ on a result will close the corresponding tab and animate/fade out the result

– Clicking the lock icon on a result toggles the lock icon

– ‘Settings Page’ gives an indication of the extension’s intended features. However, these options are currently inactive.

tab stack
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