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Tinysong Grooveshark Extension


Updated: September 4th 2013!

This Tinysong Google chrome extension allows you to search the tinysong/grooveshark database by artist name, song … anything really, and it returns the most relevant result to you along with a url that you can either cut and paste to twitter or actually click through and rock to on Grooveshark.

I built this because I’ve always wanted a Tinysong Google Chrome Extension.
I use to post links to twitter all the time, but I hate going to the page and getting the link to post, so I wrote this for music junkies who want to quickly find a song they’ve just heard about or post a short url to one they’ve been rocking to

[Changes so far]
v2.0.0 – 09/04/13
– updated to work with Chrome Manifest version 2. small bugfixes

v1.21 – 03/24/11
– Added Api Key to get extension working again. Thumbs down to Grooveshark for requiring one without letting anybody know.
– Added ability to copy links to clipboard with one click in the extension

v 1.19
– Remembers urls you’ve saved/faved and highlights them when they show up in your search results again
– Recently Saved now gives you the option to click through and see ALL your saved items
– Created faves page so you can see all your listings in one place, will add pagination when someone complains about it 😛
– Unfaving an item on the ‘Recently Saved’ section or faves page will fade it out from view. Thought it’d be a good idea to give the user some visual feedback on their UI action.

v 1.18
– minor edit to make sure the extension doesn’t have access to your browsing history
– fixed minor bug

v 1.16
– Allows you to save/bookmark songs for future reference, so you don’t have keep running the same search over and over. Just click on the yellow star again to unsave an item
– Allows you to see read the TinySong FAQ page without leaving the extension
– Changed the layout of results

pre v1.16
– Saves your last search so you can repeat with a single mouse click
– Selects your search term after a search so you can immediately run another search without reaching for the mouse
– Returns your result and allows you to fetch more (+ more link) if you need

– I tried to have ‘Copy To Clipboard’ option, but Flash 10 has broken all the plugins/scripts that provide this functionality in javascript. Zero Clipboard would have been an option,

Tinysong Grooveshark Extension
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