Urban Shield


Many public connections are not secure and can cause you to become vulnerable to hackers and government surveillance agencies who can view and steal personal and essential information from your devices. That pop-up ad you saw for a website you visited three weeks ago was no coincidence…

The best solution to keep your personal information and IP address safe is Urban Shield! Urban Shield allows you to stop worrying about data leaks or identity theft and ensure that you are safe online, regardless of whether you’re in a public place or your own home. Urban Shield will:
• Mask your identity and add a privacy layer to Any Connection – Public or Secured
• Hide your IP address and better hide your Digital Fingerprints
• Change your IP in Public Hotspots
• Access Content That is Not Available in Your Region
• Block these annoying ads making your surfing easier

Your ISP and any other third-party snoopers will not be able to track your online activity, which is an absolute must, especially for those who frequently are on public networks.

Urban Shield is the most comprehensive Chrome browser extension for securing your connection, and it is guaranteed never to slow your browser’s performance and will have no effect on bandwidth.
This 100% free browser extension will blend seamlessly with Chrome and will allow you the freedom to be safe and secure online while using any hotspot in the world.

Download Urban Shield here with just one click and you are ready to go! Never think twice about taking advantage of a public Wi-Fi hotspot again!

Urban Shield
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