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Hey innovators & product makers,

Have you ever found it difficult to report a bug or an error that is showing up on your screen? Isn’t talking over the phone or email a nightmare to get the person on the other line to understand the issue? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just show it to the other person? Well, look no further because when it comes to feedback and bug reporting, UserStory is going to provide an experience that would be almost as good as having the person next to you.

Using our extension, one will be able to take screenshots, record the screen or do an instant live screen share to “show” it. Compared to existing alternatives, the user can share the captured image/video or even screen share by just sharing a link and does not have to download/upload or send any invite.

Our aim is to eliminate the inefficiency and misunderstandings that arise during product development. With us, you will be able to do things faster with clarity. Saving your time is our job.

We are currently in Beta and would love to get your feedback on our current product and the exciting roadmap that we have ahead of us.

Team UserStory

UserStory- Screenshot, RecordVideo, LiveShare
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