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Weather Web Tab extension sets Yahoo as your default search engine on your Chrome web browser and overrides the New Tab layout to show weather information, date and time details to uplift your online experience.

Upon clicking the ‘Add to Chrome’ button, you confirm your agreement to install this Chrome™ extension and abide by the EULA & Extension Privacy Policy.

Weather Web Tab browser extension is the latest browser extension that works towards making your browsing more meaningful and efficient. It offers accurate and relevant search results by sliding some meaningful features like real-time weather forecast and customized new tab layout.

Download the “Weather Web Tab” extension on your Chrome browser to enjoy the latest weather updates of any region and customize the new tab wallpaper to soothe your mood.

What makes Weather Web Tab a useful browser extension?
Weather Web Tab is one of its type extensions that comes with an innovative way to help its users know the latest weather updates and get accurate search results powered by Yahoo.

The extension is designed and developed in a way that it sets Yahoo as Chrome’s default search engine and overrides the new tab layout for an improved user experience.

Weather Web Tab extension is developed after carefully examining and researching a plethora of available technologies and scopes. However, the developers have proudly made it available to you for FREE.

– Enjoy the weather forecast on-the-go.
– Totally FREE browser extension.
– Intuitive interface for every user-group.
– Get date and time information on the new tab.
– Sets Yahoo as your default search engine to provide proficient and relevant search results.
– Features a customizable new tab layout for enhanced user experience.

How to use Weather Web Tab extension?
Upon successful installation of Weather Web Tab on Chrome, click the extension icon at the top right corner to enable the extension.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or feedback, please contact us and help us improve our services for you.

Chrome is a trademark of Google LLC. The use of it here does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Google LLC.

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Weather WebTab
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