Window Namer and Restorer BETA


Do you sometimes have multiple Chrome windows open and find that it takes a moment to remember or figure out which window houses which tab?

With this extension you can name your browsing windows! Your custom name will appear in square parenthesis at the beginning of the active tab in each window so you can quickly and easily see which window is which!

This extension also automatically saves the state of any named windows, so if you close one, you can open it back up again easily with just two clicks.

Check the options page for customizable parameters.

This extension is currently in Beta, so there may be times when it doesn’t quite function as expected. Whilst it is expected not to have any major faults and generally function correctly, this extension is currently provided as-is and for testing or experimental purposes only. Please do not use unless you are happy with this. New Apeiron accepts no responsibility for loss of data or other damage caused by the use of this extension.

Please note:
Chrome-specific tabs (such as chrome://history/ etc) are fixed so that they cannot be renamed. This means that this extension will not work for that window, when such tabs are selected. However, the prefix will be restored once another tab is selected.
There are some other Google pages which also have this effect and sometimes, you may come across a webpage which renames the page itself. Please let us know when you find these if they are commonly used webpages and not part of the Google or Chrome domain.

Window Namer and Restorer BETA
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