YouTube With Friends


Watch YouTube Videos with your family and friends!

To sync up video playback, all you need to do is:
1) Find a video you want to watch. Create the party using the ‘Start Watching’ button.
2) Send the link provided in the extension to all your friends you want to watch with. Make sure those viewing all have the YouTube With Friends Chrome Extension downloaded and installed. Upon joining the link, also make sure they click on the red YouTube With Friends logo.
3) Once everyone has joined the party, use the video player normally either with your mouse or keyboard to control the party’s video playback and sync up!

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UI Design by Justin Rockmore

Change Log:

03/10/21 Update – Fixed bug where users couldn’t join sessions because of Chrome Update 64 where YouTube URL is shortened.

09/26/20 Update – Fixed bug where some users are unable to join sessions because of URL parsing error.

06/19/20 Update – Fixed bug where update message wouldnt display properly.

05/23/20 Update – Dark Mode, Merged party-room and settings into one view, fixed separate video non-leave bug.

05/18/20 Update – Big UI Changes.

05/12/20 Update – Logo change and UI changes.

05/10/20 Update – Fixed bug where some names would cause avatars to duplicate in room view.

05/09/20 Update – Added ‘Party Room’ to allow you to see who’s in the party with you.

05/04/20 Update – Added Settings page to allow user to change username and see who’s in control of the video. Username also saves to storage.

05/01/20 Update – Fixed bug that sends out non-altering syncs.

04/30/20 Update – Added ‘Only I have control’ button for one user to control all session video playbacks. Video also synchronizes with session upon joining.

YouTube With Friends
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