YoutubeColor allows you to create your own color scheme for youtube. Comes with a “Dark” theme, and an option to create your own theme! You can change six different elements found on all YouTube pages, these are…

-Background color
-Header & Sidebar
-Main text (Video titles, comment authors, etc.)
-Sub text (Video description, views, comments, etc.)

By selecting the “Create Theme” button in the extension pop-up, you can customize these six elements by using a full range color picker. As well as give it a unique name.

How to use:

To use YoutubeColor, simply click on the palette icon in the top right hand corner to display a pop-up window where you can change the color scheme of YouTube to “Deafult”, “Dark” or a custom theme, once one has been made .

Make custom theme:

To make a custom theme, click on the “Create a theme” option in the extensions pop-up window. This should display the setup for creating your own color scheme. There are 6 different elements that you can change (elements listed above), each one has a text box displaying the current color and the HEX color code for that element.

To change the colors just click on the text box and a full range color-picker will appear where you can set the color to you desire.

Once you have chosen a color for all 6 elements there will be another text box at the bottom where you can give the theme a custom name.

Lastly, once you have chosen your colors and given the theme a name, click the “Save” button to save your new custom theme. To apply your theme simply click on your new theme in the extension pop-up window, it should reload the page with your custom themes colors applied.


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