The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the leader in the “Best Browsers 2020” ranking. According to statistics, 49.3% of users use Chrome. Thanks to the fast browser speed, intuitive interface, and extensions, users can complete their tasks faster and more efficiently. What are the best extensions for Google Chrome 2021? Let’s take a quick look at them.

Smart Auto Refresh

The extension allows you to set a timer and reload pages periodically. With Smart Auto Refresh technology, you don’t have to frantically press Ctrl + R while waiting for an update.


  • You can set multiple timers for different tabs.
  • Define a custom interval in minutes and seconds.
  • Disable timers in one click.
  • Prevent “You want to reload this site” pop-ups on web pages.

Intelligent auto-refresh allows you to set a timer and periodically reload pages.


The extension is ranked as one of the best free Chrome VPN extensions in 2021. With VeePN, a user can quickly and safely search for information on the Internet thanks to 2500+ servers located in 50 locations. Compared to other free extensions, VeePN has no bandwidth or traffic limits. The extension has already been installed by more than 80 thousand users.

Google keep

Application for storing notes, ideas, necessary information. Highlight notes with the desired color and share notes with friends and colleagues, set reminders, create a voice note, or add hashtags.

Adblock plus

One of the most popular ad blockers that allow you to automatically block banner pop-ups, annoying flash ads, and hide any unwanted website elements.


This is an extension for storing passwords, in which passwords are stored in an encrypted form, which guarantees their safety. Another feature of Keepass is a password generator. You no longer have to use your cat’s name or grandmother’s birthday as a password.


The extension makes it possible to create and edit a screenshot of the screen in the browser. The created screenshot can be saved to your computer or shared using the link received. The main disadvantage of the link is open access. If you replace one letter or number in the link, you will see a screenshot created by another person. Therefore, it is better not to use this extension to transfer personal information.

We would like to acquaint you with less popular, but no less useful applications.

In our opinion, no less interesting extensions for Google Chrome were undeservedly overshadowed.

HTTPS Everywhere

The site owner installed an SSL certificate on the site but did not configure automatic redirection to HTTPS. Or, the site contains encrypted pages with links to malicious sites that do not use an SSL certificate. Thus, your personal data (logins and passwords, bank card details, passport data) that the site sends and receives are transmitted in clear text and can be easily intercepted by intruders. The HTTPS Everywhere extension fixes this issue and forces sites to open over HTTPS if the site supports it.


As frightening as it may sound, browsers save all information about you: history of open sites, search history, logins and passwords, cache, and other information. If you are not the only one using the browser, sometimes the search history can play a cruel joke on you. For example, you have been looking for a surprise gift for a loved one for a birthday for a long time and carefully, and the birthday person found out about the gift in advance, just by seeing the browser history.

Click & Clean extension cleans browser history, deletes cookies and cache, clears download history, and protects your confidential information. The main feature of the extension is that it deletes information without having to restart the browser.

Free extension for Google Chrome to change the start page. With it, you can change the Google start page to suit your taste and requests, add links to social networks, notes, to-do lists, and mail. The extension includes a calendar, weather widget, news, and about 60 more useful widgets.

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