The best video downloader for Chrome

Many extensions have been created for the Chrome browser. They allow you to download videos from sources where this feature is not available in the standard version. The most popular among users are the following extensions.

Video Downland Center 

This extension allows you to download videos in most existing formats. It is easy to install on your computer or laptop. Video Download Center is easy to use. Downloading videos here takes place in a few clicks. Sometimes errors occur in the extension, but this is not affected by the quality of the utility itself, but by the capabilities of the device.

The product is freely available.

FBDown Video Downloader 

Support: Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, DailyMotion.

This extension allows you to download videos from various resources. The loader is easy to install and does not require any additional settings. The extension allows you to upload videos in only one format. FBDown is easy to exploit. After installing the extension, the user just needs to click the green arrow icon next to the Chrome address bar. After that, a list of available videos on the page will appear in a pop-up window. It does not slow down the video playback speed after downloading.


The extension is freely available and distributed free of charge. Thanks to it, you can transfer video from your computer or laptop to TVs that support DLNA. The extension allows you to download videos from any resources other than You Tube.

When uploading a video, the user can change the file format. After installing vGet, a green arrow download icon will be displayed next to each video file that the user views through the browser.

Flash Video Downloader

The extension allows you to download videos from the Internet in various formats. There are no restrictions on the resources from which you can move videos to your device. Thanks to the extension, a person will be able to download up to 99% of such content from the number that is freely available on the Internet.

After installing the program, the user will see a new icon next to the toolbar. Files can be downloaded with different quality indicators, which saves space on your hard disk.

VLC Video Downloader

This extension is considered one of the best. It is designed specifically for Chrome. Thanks to it, you can download both individual videos and entire playlists at the same time. To do this, you will only need to make a few clicks.

VLC Video Downloader allows you to download videos in all popular formats, including FLV, .MP4, .AVI, .ASF,. MPEG. The only drawback of the software is the lack of the ability to download videos from Youtube.

Video Downloader Professional

This extension is useful for those users who want to create a permanent list of videos, but do not plan to download additional files to their computer. This extension allows you to quickly navigate to the desired object and at the same time avoid going to the original page of the site.

The person here is simply required to enter the URL. However, the download function is still present here. Therefore, if necessary, a person can download a video from any resource.

By Click Downloader

This extension is one of the easiest to use browser extensions. In addition to downloading videos, it provides a number of additional features. Through it, you can download playlists, live videos, subtitles to foreign content, etc. The software automatically recognizes video files that the user has opened on their device and offers to download them. To do this, you will need to make a single mouse click.

Downloading videos is simple and does not require additional actions on the part of a person.


This extension allows a person to upload videos from YouTube. Downloaded files can be converted to MP3, MP4, 4K, and HD MP4 formats. The extension can also work with other existing video and audio formats.

After a person has uploaded a video to their device, the system will automatically search for content on similar topics and display it in a selection.

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